Top 5 Crowdfunding Sites for Women Entrepreneurs

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Have a great idea and a network of eager supporters? Then you’re the perfect candidate for crowdfunding. While women entrepreneurs come up short in securing venture capital, this growing trend of group investing could be just the boost women need to launch their businesses.

These top 5 crowdfunding sites  won’t even the funding playing field by any means, but they can help entrepreneurial women get their foot in the door by proving the viability of their concept. Successfully launching smaller, crowdfunded projects adds credibility to an otherwise unproven business portfolio.

Women entrepreneurs dominate the digital economy with their resourcefulness and social media prowess, that same skill set reigns supreme in the crowdfunding world.  If you’re up for broadening your funding horizons, check out these

Top 5 Crowdfunding Platforms:

Kickstarter CrowdfundingKickstarter: The mother of all, this giant has over 93,000 projects listed and over $555 million pledged. They recently transitioned their platform to focus less on “gadgets” and more on “creatives” like music, art, books, and fashion.

Indiegogo: Kickstarter’s biggest competitor, partly because of their increased global reach. Another perk of this site is that entrepreneurs can collect funds whether they hit their fund raising goal or not.

peoplefund Originally founded as a way for charities to raise money, the site has started to woo women entrepreneurs. It’s biggest presence is in the U.K.

Smallknot: This site differentiates itself from the crowd funding heavyweights through its emphasis on local businesses. It still uses the all-or-nothing approach to funding, but the focus is on building community projects.

Upstart: Academia focused, Upstart lets you monetize your future potential. Raise money today in exchange for a small share of your income for 10 years. Your backers are investing in you, not your idea or your business. You share some of your upside, but payments are capped regardless of your success.

NOTE: Crowdfunding is in its infancy and still a bit of the Wild West, proceed with caution and do your research. There are hundreds of platforms available, but they’re not all created equal. Check their crowdfunding accreditation HERE.

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  1. I am intrigued by the whole idea of crowd funding but also leery. I appreciated your advice about doing careful research because these site are not all created equal. Is this source of funding too good to be true or actually viable?

  2. I heard that Kickstarter funds (and similar sites) are considered taxable income.

  3. Katie Pope says:

    this is great. you should also check out MoolaHoop… its another wonderful crowd funding site for women that I really think should be on this list


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